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Rachel Clark

During the Depression years, a time long past, way down South on a Georgia farm lived a little boy who would one day grow up to be President. Rachel Clark was a black woman who lived and worked on the Carter farm doing whatever needed to be done. She worked in the fields and in the Carter household. Rachel influenced that little boy in more ways than one, sharing words of wisdom that would last a lifetime. Rachel Clark was a woman who had a profound influence on the 39th President of the United States, President Jimmy Carter. Did it ever occur to Rachel Clark that she was "Raising a President?" Program is 45-50 minutes and is appropriate for Grade 3-Adult. "Joanna's performance captures with great feeling and accuracy a woman who had a major impact on my life. Her performance made me fall in love with Rachel Clark all over again. It was much more than I expected." President Jimmy Carter "Of all the people who lived near us on the farm, Rachel Clark was the most remarkable and made the most significant and lasting impact on me." ---Jimmy Carter---

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